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Allah. Muhammad s.a.w. Ali a.s. Fatima s.a. Hassan a.s. Hussain a.s.

Patience reveals whatever light and purity there is in the innermost being of Allah’s servants, while anxiety shows up the darkness and bereftness inside them. Everyone claims to be patient, but only the humble are firm in it.
-Imam Jafar al-Sadiq‎, Lantern of the Path  (via

(Source: al-islam.org, via rooh3i)


The soul is inclined towards evil deeds, and a servant has the responsibility of directing it towards good deeds. The soul tries to resist, but the servant tries to control the bad desires of the soul. Whenever a servant lets his soul free to do as it wishes, he is a partner in the corruption and the crimes committed by the soul. Whoever aids his own soul to fulfill his carnal desires has indeed taken part in killing himself.
-The Commander of the Faithful (AS)

(Source: 313-, via rooh3i)